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Berpikir Layaknya Konsumen

May 2018 — 1 comment — 568 views Brand Image Brand Positioning Ciu Heny Meiria Konsumen Produk

The Quality of A Reliable Seller

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 823 views Bisnis Ciu Heny Meiria Manajemen Pemasaran

Regaining the Company Reputation by Crisis Management

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 1807 views Ciu Heny Meiria Manajemen Pemasaran

Four tactics in Strengthening Brands

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 736 views Branding Citra Ciu Heny Meiria Manajemen Manajemen Pemasaran Marketing Pemasaran

Ego in Interpersonal Communication

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