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Apa Kabar Pelabuhan Patimban?

March 2019 — 627 views Pelabuhan Patimban Ricky Virona Martono

Becoming Adaptive In 2017

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 823 views Bisnis Business Outlook Ekonomi Manajemen Peluang Strategi Tasya Juwita

Applying Global Business Principles In Indonesia

Risk Management in the Indonesia’s Aviation Industry

Social Investment, The Company’s Social Innovation

Gig Economy: Do Companies Need to be Worried?

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 798 views Gen Y Gig Economy I Gede Christian Adiputra Manajemen Manajemen SDM Strategi

Scenario Planning Menaklukkan Ketidakpastian

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 1 comment — 1413 views management strategy Manajemen Strategi Ppm Manajemen Scenario Planning

Manajemen Risiko Pada Industri Aviasi Indonesia

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