ELF: More Strategic and Effective HR Facing Industry 4.0

March 2019 — 347 views Effective Human Resource Industry 4.0 Strategic

MM Program of PPM Achieves Accreditation ABEST-21 in Tokyo

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 1297 views ABEST-21 Berita PPM Penghargaan Ppm Manajemen Program

Executive Fire Briefing IKA-PPM: Alumni Togetherness Forum

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 1165 views Berita PPM Eksekutif Forum IKA-PPM Ikatan Alumni PPM Manajemen

Program MM PPM Raih Akreditasi ABEST-21 di Tokyo

PPM Manajemen3
February 2017 — 751 views ABEST-21 PPM Manajemen Program Tokyo

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